Application and characteristics of wheel excavators

  Application and characteristics of wheel excavators
  Tire type excavator full power three pumps compound control system, the whole machine compact structure, flexible operation, easy maintenance. The ideal working machine for agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, engineering construction and other narrow space construction is to replace the labor force and liberate the future labor force. Ideal equipment.
  Many advantages.
  Three pumps and three pumps compound oil supply make the movable arm, arm and rotation form an independent hydraulic system to achieve fast and smooth operation.
  Adopt walking device, more stable performance and more reliable quality.
  The main valve adopts imported HUSCO (Hersk), which has excellent performance and excellent operation performance. It can be broken by installing crushing hammer with crushing pipe and control device.
  Adopt Eaton (Eaton) rotary motor with reliable quality, large displacement, high torque and strong adaptability to working conditions.
  Integrated instrument panel displays parameters such as water temperature, oil pressure and running time.
  Special armrest box, the left box can be lifted and lowered with small swing angle, humanized design, both beautiful and easy to get up and down.
  The unique side-shift function of the moving arm of the tire excavator adapts to the construction of various narrow boundaries (wall roots, pipes, indoor, etc.)!
  Tire-type excavator uses.
  ●Orchard: digging fertilizer ditch, planting trees, weeding, soil cultivation, land reclamation, etc.;
  ●Trenching: Digging cable ditches, water or sewage pipes, gas pipelines, etc;
  ●Gardening: planting trees, digging trenches, etc;
  ● Mountain contracting: planting trees, restoring terraces, digging ditches, making roads, weeding and reclamation;
  Tire type excavator
  ●Interior aspects: Interior demolition, basement backfill;
  ●Fracture: Broken roads and ground concrete, rubble on hills, etc.;
  ●Mining: Tunnel and cave construction, various mines and shafts;
  ●For vegetable sheds: for deep soil;
  For digging medicine: for digging yam;
  Another: Agroforestry planting, farmland renovation, small earthworks, municipal works, road repair, farms, garden farming and river dredging works and other operating environments. By digging, crushing, cleaning hook, drilling and bulldozing, the accessories can be replaced quickly, which greatly improves the utilization of the machine.


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