A brief explanation of the aspects of wheeled excavators that are noted in the work

  1, wheel excavator in the excavation process, should do "four prohibitions" that: ① prohibit the bucket has not left the work surface, according to the wheel excavator manual, rotary. ② Prohibit sharp rotation. ③ It is prohibited to use the side of the bucket to scrape the soil pile. ④ It is prohibited to use the bucket to make side impact on the working surface.
  2、According to the rotation range of the wheel excavator arm, it should be controlled at 45°-60°, and the tilt angle should be controlled between 30°-45° according to the weight of the wheel excavator.
  3、According to the wheel excavator walking uphill, the active wheel of the crawler should be in the back, and the active wheel of the crawler in the front and the movable arm in the back when going downhill. The big arm is parallel to the crawler. The rotating mechanism should be in the braking state, and the bucket should not be more than 1 meter from the ground. Up and down slopes should not exceed 20°, and down slopes should be at low speed, and variable speed coasting is prohibited.
  4. It is forbidden to arrange the wheel excavator to work simultaneously in the upper and lower mining section; when the working face is rotating at the same time, the level ground should be selected and the obstacles in the passage should be removed.
  Wheeled excavator
  5、It is forbidden to work under overhead structures such as electric wires, and according to the wheel excavator, it shall not work under the stop, and shall not be allowed to stay in the space for a long time with a full bucket.
  6、According to the wheel excavator need to stop on the slope, the bucket must land to the ground, all the lever in the neutral position, stop brake, and should be placed in the crawler or tire rear wedge.
  (1) According to the technical condition of the wheel excavator has a greater impact on its productivity, especially the dynamics of the engine. In addition, bucket teeth wear bucket cutting resistance will increase by 60%-90%, according to the wheel excavator fire prevention, so the dull bucket teeth should be replaced.
  (2) in the construction organization should be prepared in advance the driving route of dump truck, remove unnecessary uphill ramp. For each digging road according to the wheel excavator, it is necessary to have an empty return road each, so as not to interfere with each other when the dump truck goes in and out. Each running lane should be kept good and good to facilitate the operation of dump truck.
  3) Correctly carry out the construction organization design. The number of dump trucks and the carrying capacity of the wheel excavator should meet the requirements of the production capacity of the wheel excavator, and the capacity of the dump truck should be an integer multiple of the bucket capacity of the wheel excavator. At the same time, try to use the double release loading method, so that according to the wheeled excavator loaded a full, followed by the next one, because the two dump trucks are parked in accordance with the wheeled excavator bucket unloading soil can reach the arc, so that the bucket turns with the full and car, reversing and can be filled with another car, thereby improving the efficiency of loading.
  (4) According to the wheel excavator driver should have skilled operation technology, and try to use compound operation, in order to shorten according to the wheel excavator operation cycle time.


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